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Poster Session

Quantum Days 2023 is hosting a virtual poster session to showcase excellence in quantum science and technology. View the latest quantum research and learn about the latest breakthroughs in this emerging field. The poster session also provides researchers with an inclusive opportunity to build connections with established experts, discuss their research, and be connected to important programs and funding opportunities for quantum science and technology.

Presenting a poster is open to all participants and the poster competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students. Poster session participants will be live each day after the keynote speakers on all three days. Virtual posters can be submitted in three different formats (.pdf, .jpg, .png).

More details coming soon.


Students who present a poster may participate in a poster competition.

The following prizes will be awarded:

Top Posters (x2)
Runner-Ups (x4)
Honourable Mentions (x5)
Undergraduate Prizes
Up to $1,000

The panel of judges will assess the quality of the poster and presentation. In the first round, only the poster itself will be considered. In the second round, judges will attend a live presentation.

Prizes for undergraduate and graduate students will be awarded on the third day (February 10th) of the program before the last poster session.


Thanks to our Poster Session Sponsor:


Karl-Peter Marzlin, St Francis Xavier University


Brynle Barrett, University of New Brunswick
Shabir Barzanjeh, University of Calgary
Alvaro Ballon Bordo, Xanadu
Kristine Boone, Keysight Technologies
Fabio Boschini, Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Agata Branczyk, IBM Quantum
Stephanie H. Curnoe, Memorial University
Alan Jamison, University of Waterloo
Meenu Kumari, Perimeter Institute
Yongchao Tang, 1Qbit

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